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  • Nizamani History:- Urduنظامانی ) is a Baloch tribe in Balochistan and Sindh in Pakistan.Nizamani is a clan of Rind tribe and are the descendents of Nizam Khan. In addition to being considered a great saint, Nizam Khan was also a mystic sufi poet of his time. Nizam Khan had five sons from whom the Nizamani tribe is descended. His grave is in Dera Ghazi Khan in Southern Punjab, Pakistan.
  • The majority of Nizamanis live in Sindh, and they are also found in Balochistan and Punjab.
  • Overview:-Originally, the Nizamani tribe was living in Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab. During the initial times, they were Balochi and Siraiki languages speaking people; the majority of Nizamanis now speak the Sindhi,and Siraiki language. Moreover, there are also Nizamani people in the Punjab who also speak Punjabi but most of the Nizamani lives in the trible belt of punjab and Blochistan along with Qasirani main tribe speaks Siraiki as there mother toung population is much bigger than Sindh and culture is still original because the area is undeveloped and one can only travel in it with 4x4 vehicle or on animals is a beautiful place to visit is approchable from Tonsa city.
  • Derrah-Jaat (Dera Ghazi Khan, Dera Ismail Khan), Kachhi, Sibi were parts of the Kalhora kingdom of Sindh. As a result, Kalhora kings recruited many Balochi tribesmen from Dera Ghazi, Kachhi and Sibi regions. The Nizamani clan arrived in the southern parts of the then Sindh, in the early 18th century to serve in the army of their Murshid and ruler of Sindh, the Kalhora dynasty. The Kalhora kings recruited many Baluch tribesmen into their army to defend the Kingdom of Sindh from the Rajput invaders of JodhpurRajistan; and Brohi invaders of Kalat, Baluchistan. The majority of the Army of the Kingdom of Sindh was composed of Baluchi tribesmen; among them were Nizamani, Murree, Jamali, Chang, Gopang, Laghari, Talpur, Jatoi and Khosa clans.
  • When Kalhora, King of Sindh, killed important Talpur commanders of the army with conspiracy, the majority of the Baluch tribesmen, led by Talpur, and Nizamani commanders, revolted against the King. However, Jatoi and Khosa tribesmen remained loyal with the Kalhora king Mian Abdul Nabi Kalhoro.
  • The revolting Baloch tribesmen were ultimately successful in overthrowing the Kalhora kingdom, and established their own Baluchi kingdom, under the leadership of Talpur dynasty. The Nizamanis played an important role in consolidating Baluch power in Sindh with Kaiser Khan Nizamani, a great grandson of Nizam Khan, negotiating with the Afghan king Taimoor Shah (son of Ahmed Shah Abdalee) to grant rulership of Sindh to his nephew Mir Fateh Ali Khan Talpur (son of Bibi Khair-un-nissa alais Maee Khairee, a sister of Kaiser Khan Nizamani). This was followed by Ghulam Ali Nizamani, son of Kaiser Khan Nizamani, becoming Governor of Thatta District - an important commercial district of Sindh.
  • When British colonials started to occupy Sindh, initially they were beaten back by the Baluch army of Sindh, composed of Baloch tribesmen. The British army was mainly composed of Bengali soldiers. Baluchis used a Guerrila technique, whereby they used to attack the army camps of the British during the darkness of night. This caused havoc among the Bengali soldiers of British colonials. The British then recruited the Khosa tribesemen to fight with the ruling Baluch tribesmen of Sindh. This techniques was highly successful. Chandio tribesmen turned to the Britisehrs side. Baluchi tribesmen fought two wars near Hyderabad. Thousands of Baluch tribesmen were Martyered in front of British Artillery Fire Power.Then the British got some "Ghadars" in the Baluchi government in the British army. Large number of Nizamani, Murree, Chang, and Gopang tribesmen fought bravely, and many were martered in defending the kingdom of Sindh
  • During the freedom movement of Hurr Tahreek of Sooriah Badshah Subghatullah Shah, Nizamani tribesmen took very active part in the Guerrilla war against the British Colonials. Meero Hurr (Mir Muhammad Nizamani) was a very famous active gurrilla warrior and commander in the Hurr movement.
  • Nizamanis never took undue benefits from their rulers like other tribes in Sindh despite having important administrative positions. They even served as military spokespersons in many delegations to Afghanistanduring Talpur era of Sindh.rtant Balochi tribe, but in recent times, they have no Sardar. Everyone is free. All Nizamaniz are considered as equal in status. They can be clearly distinguished from other communities living in Sindh because of their tremendous hospitality and social interaction. They are very friendly and warm-hearted people and like to spend quality time with friends and family members leisurely in places called Otaaqs. Hunting(shikar), Cricket, chess, & kite flying are their favorite sports. In fact they are very good in it and have won many tournaments.
  • Education:-Historically, the Nizamani have been an agriculture-based community. They were also highly literate people specially in Persian Language. Raees Ahmed Khan Nizamani (Tando Kaiser) was Mukhtiarkar Revenue Collector during British rule of Sindh. Mr. Qazi Fateh Rasool Nizamani (Tando Kaiser) was also an expert of Persian language and literature. Qazi Fateh Rasool Nizamani has been quoted as a reference by great Sindhi scholar Dr. Nabi Bux Baloch in his books. At present, there are more than 500 graduates only in village Tando Kaiser.
  • Cadet college Petaro came into being due to vision of Mr. A.M. Nizamani, the then Director Education, Hyderabad region in 1957. The first matriculate of village Tando Kaiser was Sir Abdul Haq Nizamani alias Sir Wado who left his sound job at Hala Municipality as secretary just to educate the female segment of Nizamani community. His selfless sacrifice left far reaching effects on the social and economical upbringing of the unprivileged.
  • he first person who received modern scientific education from abroad with government scholarship was Mr. Muhammad Hassan Nizamani Almaroof as Muhammad Hassan Sahab Tando Kaiser who did his Bachelors of Science from King Edward College Skarand Sindh in 1952 and Masters in Agriculture Science from American University Beirut in 1963.
  • Politics:-Politically, they have remained much better aware than any other community living in Sindh but somehow, they still have not been able to influence the politics of Sindh significantly.They were active in Khilafat movement, they contributed generously in the Khilafat Tehreekfund for Ottoman Turks; some even sold their fertile agriculture farm lands to contribute in the movement.They were very active in freedom of Indo-Pak movement.
  • Maulvi Noor Muhammad Nizamani of Tando Soomro was President of Khaaksaar Tahreek, Sindh
  • A significant number of Nizamanis were also successful in politics. They have also been very active in Pakistani particularly Sindhi political movements like MRD Tehreek, Awami Tehreek of Shaheed Fazil RaahooHari TehreekJeay SindhCommunist Movement etc. Comrade Maqbool Nizamani Tando Kaiser, Engineer Sikandar Nizamani Tando Kaiser, Master Muhammad Khan Nizamani Tando Kaiser, Mr. Dildar Khan Nizamani Tando Kaiser & Badin, Raees Dinal Khan Nizamani Tando Kaiser, Mr. Aftab Nizamani Tando Kaiser remained very active in the MRD and strongly fought for restoration of democracy in Pakistan.
  • Most recently TV actor Kaiser Khan Nizamani was awarded National assembly Ticket from the ruling Party Pakistan People's Party but did not succeed.Raees Haji Khuda Bux Nizamani Sanghar, Raees Ghulam Ali Khan Nizamani Badin remained Member National Assembly (MNA). Raees Ghulam Haider Khan NizamaniMatli, Raees Ali Ghulam Nizamani Sanghar remained Member Provincial Assembly. Raees Ghulam Ali Khan Nizamani also remained Chairman Badin district council.
  • Comrade Nizamuddin Nizamani of Tando Soomro President of SST Sindhi Shagrid Tahreek, Mrs. Mumtaz Nizamani BadinPresident ofSindhiani Tahreek, Comrade Mushtaque Nizamani Tando Kaiser former President of Hyderabad district of Awami Tehreek party are a few examples of political personalities who took active part in nationalist politics.
  • Most recent Rais ali Ali Akber NizamaniMatli badin was awarded National assembly tickets from Pakistan Muslim League[functional] but did not success.
  • Most recent Nasir khan Nizamani [thari nizamani] was awarded provinscial tackats from PML{F} but did not succes.


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Good information, can you please reference it, from where it is compiled.

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Mai khairi kaiser khan ji bhen na hui mai khairi tando jam ji talpur hui mir budho talpur ji beti hui

Moh San said...

Nizàmani sindh men Aurangzeb je hukomat men aya hua and sakhi nizam shahjahanjo haft hazariameerho nizamanin myan naseer kalhoro San gadd hua in baad year Muhammad kalhoro San b. Had hua jhok wari gang me hinankalhoran Jo sath dino faqt Abdul hafeez nizani

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Nizamanin Jo wado goth tando kaiser aahe hi goth myan noir Muhammad kalhoro je daor hukomat menabad thyo jeky likhantha mir Fatah Ali tàlpr j daor m abad thyo the ghalt aahn faqt Abdul hafeez nizamani

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Nizam khan khud HK aalm ho and hazrat main meet lahori sands tamam ghato dost ho.In j kare HK dàfay

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Hinmazmoon men tawhhan khe tarikhi malomat likhni hui jeka a when na likhi saghya ahyo tarikh j warqn men sakhi nizam ain sands farzandn Jo gno zkr mile tho

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Awhan tarikhi ahwal likho ha t,mazmon intahai khubs

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suthee maloomat par tawhan tandosoomro waran khe wisare chhadyo agriculture me raees imdad khan nizamani education me dr naseer mohammad nizamani Harvard university .dr saifullah nizamani. mr ubaid nizamani pakistan high commition usa. deeni ilam molvi noor muhammad nizamani khaskar naseer mohammad nizamani ain baya ba kafi aahin

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